For couples who are or wish to get pregnant

Use by healthcare professionals

Healthcare Innovation

As a health care professional, it is not easy to discuss and change unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits of clients/patients. That is why Erasmus MC has developed the personal coaching program 'Smarter Pregnancy'. The aim of this program is to guide women, who are or want to become pregnant, together with their partner in adopting and maintaining healthy diet and lifestyle behaviours.

Web and E-mail

Smarter pregnancy consists of a screening for your client / patient via the website ( on the mobile phone, tablet or computer and 26 weeks of coaching with push messages and E-mail. For further information see also the demo and the film material on the homepage.

Use by healthcare professionals

As a midwife, general practitioner, obstetrician or gynecologist you are expected to pay attention to the nutritional and lifestyle habits of your clients/patients. Until now there was no suitable and evidence-based effective instrument for this. For that reason, the 'self-test woman' and 'self-test man' have been developed and included in the Smarter Pregnancy program. The use of the 'self-testing' is free of charge.

Your client/patient (and partner) can complete the 'self-test' at home, in the waiting room or during office hours via the website This can be done via the smartphone, tablet or PC and takes approximately 5 minutes. By having the results printed and taken to the office hours or mailed to you or viewed on the screen (mobile, computer), you get a quick impression of the diet and lifestyle habits of your client/patient and partner.

If the client/patient takes out a subscription to Smarter Pregnancy, you will have access to the progress of diet and lifestyle habits over the entire 26-week subscription period.

Most Dutch insurance companies renumerate the costs of a subscription. Check this in your policy conditions. A subscription to Smarter Pregnancy costs €29.95,- by ideal and $29.95,- or £26.55,- by creditcard.

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