For couples who are or wish to get pregnant

How does it work?

Registration and activation:

You (woman) surf to the website or read all information about what Smarter Pregnancy is, for whom it is intended and what the costs are. Registration is done by entering your personal details and login details. You then accept the user conditions. After your registration, we ask your husband to complete his personal details and to accept the terms and conditions. If he does not want to participate, you can still follow the program. However, it would be a missed opportunity not only for him himself, but also for you since you both influence each other's (un) healthy habits. Having a healthy pregnancy and being healthy during pregnancy is a goal you both strive for because you want to have a healthy child! Moreover, a better result is often achieved with joint participation. Your subscription will be activated after registration and acceptance. You and your husband will receive a welcome email with a link that will take you directly to the program.

Screening, the risk score and your own care path:

The program starts with the screening your (woman) lifestyle. If you have entered the self-test, then your data is automatically entered for the very first screening. Based on these screening results, your personal coaching is recorded for 26 weeks. So it is very important that this is correct. Check the results carefully and adjust the values ​​if they are not correct. You enter the following data: age, weight, height, and pregnancy status. This is followed by items about your nutritional and lifestyle behaviours. You will be asked about an intake or habits HOW OFTEN LAST WEEK or QUANTITY PER DAY in the PAST WEEK. Afterwards, your risk habits for the subscription duration are recorded and your risk score is calculated. The risk habits are represented in a figure with supporting text. You can also enter the possible use of medicines and appointments here so that you will be reminded of this through the program. Set up your mobile phone according to the instructions.

It is possible that you subscribe, but only complete the first screening after a few days. It is important to point out that you must complete the first screening within 2 weeks after taking out the subscription, otherwise the subscription will expire. The personal screening and calculation of the risk score for your husband is done in the same way and the same day. You cannot choose the days on which you receive an E-mail. You can, however, specify the time that suits you best.


After completing the first screening, your personal risk behaviours are linked to the coaching part of the program. The coaching consists of answering interim questions and receiving tips, facts and recipes via e-mail. For interim questions you will receive an e-mail with a link (at the preferred time you specified) so that you can log in immediately and go to the questionnaire. You can also log in to the website yourself. In the notification field on your personal page you will see the message that a questionnaire is ready.

The screening in week 1 is repeated every 6 weeks and followed by adapted coaching for the following 6 weeks. After 1, 3 and 5 days you will be reminded by E-mail to fill in these screening questions. If you do not complete the screening questions within 1 week, the values ​​from the previous screening will be used. Every week you will receive a new recipe via e-mail with a link to the website.


My Smarter Pregnancy Care Path

This screen shows the following:

  • An overview of your unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits and risk score.
  • A link to the recipes up to that point.
  • Notifications containing important messages, such as 'There is a questionnaire ready'.
  • Possible use of medicines and appointments
  • If your husband is not yet registered, there is a link for his registration.
  • If your husband is registered there is a link 'Results partner', with which his results can be viewed.
  • A link to adjust personal data.
  • In which week of the subscription you are. This is a visual representation.
  • You can compare your results with those of other users.
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