For couples who are or wish to get pregnant

What is Smarter Pregnancy?

More than 30 years of scientific research have shown that unhealthy dietary and lifestyle behaviours of both women and men with a child wish contribute to a lower chance of pregnancy. These healthy behaviours also contribute to a poorer growth of the child during pregnancy, a higher chance of congenital disorders, premature birth and complications with childbirth. We now also know that a poorer growth of the child during pregnancy has detrimental consequences for the child's health in later life. However, everyone knows that it is very difficult to change unhealthy behaviours. Smarter Pregnancy offers  the much needed support.

What does the personal screening and coaching look like?

The questions regard your age, body mass index (weight and height) and 9 dietary and 5 lifestyle habits (4 for the partner). You can enter the possible use of medication and appointments in the 'My Smarter Pregnancy care pathway' so that you receive reminders through the program. You will also be advised if certain medication is not recommended during pregnancy.

A personal risk score is calculated based on your diet and lifestyle behaviours. Using decision rules, this score (outcome) is linked to the personal coaching program to improve unhealthy habits and to support healthy habits. Smarter pregnancy uses push messages and emails. Make sure that your mobile phone is set up so that e-mail messages automatically appear on your screen.

After the first screening at the start of the coaching process, 4 more screening moments take place, every 6 weeks. The personal coaching program adapts to your pregnancy situation in order to be able to coach you as good as possible. At any time you can always perform an additional screening (self-test). However, the coaching does not adjust in that case.

Healthier weight

The Smarter Pregnancy program was not designed to help you lose weight. However, you will find that your healthier diet and lifestyle behaviours lead to a healthier weight, even with obesity.

Duration of a subscription

The duration of the subscription is 26 weeks and can be extended indefinitely with a 26-week subscription.


The ultimate aim of Smarter Pregnancy is to increase the chance of pregnancy, to reduce problems during pregnancy, and to increase the chances of a normal birth and having a healthy child.

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